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    Look at this website as a comprehensive source of information about dolutegravir for healthcare professionals in Belgium and Luxembourg.


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BE/DLG/0028/14(6) - Creation date: May 2016
For Belgium: Please report adverse events to the Belgian Centre for Pharmacovigileance for medecines for Human use (BCPH) of the Federal Agency for Medecines and Health Products (FAMHP) on the following address: or via the 'yellow card' available on the website or to ViiV Healthcare sprl/bvba at the number 010/ 85 65 00
For Luxembourg: Please report adverse events to the Minister of Health of Grand-Duché of Luxembourg (Pharmacy and Drug Division, at fax number +35 2 24795615 or by post) or at Regional Pharmacovigilance Centre of Lorraine (at fax number +33 3 83 32 33 44 or at or to ViiV Healthcare SPRL/BVBA at the number +32 10 85 65 00.